SNCF G4 boxcar with functional tail lights...

SNCF G4 boxcar with functional tail lights (aluminum flaps)

SNCF boxcar G4 type in brown UIC livery with functional tail lights (aluminum flaps version)

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Z scale model of the French Railway SNCF boxcar G4 type in standard livery for goods transport. aluminum flaps version

The tail lights are functional with switching on/off by passing a magnet on the roof (included).

The LEDs are powered by two button batteries embedded in the body of the wagon with a battery life of several days (included).

This Z scale reproduction is a ready-to-run finished model.

The car is made in high resolution injection plastic molded (click on the image to zoom).

All markings are printed by UV screen printing offering ultra high resolution and great resistance to rubbing.

The axles are in burnished nickel finish metal.

The couplers are of Marklin type compatible with European models.

This boxcar is available in different liveries below.

  • Length without couplers : 48.9mm
  • Weight : 6.3g

About the real one :

The G4 boxcar type was put into service by the French railways SNCF from 1963. These cars are part of the last series of 2-axle covered wagons produced in large series for the French railways. They mark the end of this type of material after several generations.

The G4 type was available in 3 versions:

• The G41.6 version for livestock transport

• This classic version for goods : G4.2 or G40.2

• The specific version for the transport of early produce : G69.6

Product Details

Minimum Curve (mm)
Blackened metal
Injection plastic molded
Length without couplers (mm)
Weight (g)


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