AZAR MODELS was born in 2021created by Moïse ROGEZ,  from the observation that the number of French Z models can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Practicing the Z for a long time, the idea of ​​producing new high quality Z scale models seemed obvious to me then.

Our mission is to offer you the most beautiful French and European models in Z scale.

Our values ​​that you will find in our models: quality, reliability and innovation.

Through our models, our ambition is to participate in the development of our fantastic Z scale by developing with AZAR MODELS a range of emblematic models of French railways, and soon models of European railways.


AZAR MODELS is also the combination of the passion for model railway with know-how in the development of innovative high-tech products. It is this experience that allows us to meet the requirement for the miniaturization of our models without compromising on quality and reliability.

We use the latest technologies to produce our models. Recent developments in the performance of 3D printing, plastic microinjection molding and digital screen printing tools now make it possible to industrialize small and medium series of high quality at a reasonable price.

All our models are entirely designed by us. We master the entire design process, from documentary research on the real model to its industrialization, including drawing, mechanics and electronics to guarantee you a high level of quality.


As Z model enthousiast, we know that the mechanical functioning is a sensitive point of our scale. We have developed a mechanical architecture ensuring a high level of operation with exceptional reliability.


Innovation is our DNA and we are constantly looking for new solutions to develop our products and offer more pleasure to the practice of your passion.

Our latest innovation is to make possible the digitization of our analog locomotives. Our hobby is evolving and digital is more and more present so why not in Z. Our locomotives are now "digitizable" if you wish and can be converted later using a decoder, like their big sister N or HO. Of course the digital version is also available for those who wish.

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