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TGV Sud-Est – Crowdfunding campaign

TGV Sud-Est – Crowdfunding campaign

Crowdfunding campaign is over. Thank you very much for your support !


NEW ! Pay in 1 or 4 using Paypal.

This TGV product on our website is intended exclusively for backers who wish to participate by paying in 1 or 4 using Paypal, this method not being directly accepted by the Ulule platform.

Please see below for details.

Select your TGV rewards - Ulule :
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Crowdfunding campaign is over. Thank you very much for your support !


AZAR MODELS has launched a crowdfunding campaign to create the world's smallest rolling TGV in Z scale!

This preferential price campaign runs until February 29th 2024 on the Ulule crowdfunding platform and you can find all the information about the project by following the link ulule.com/tgv-echelle-Z.

It is therefore a unique chance to support AZAR MODELS innovation and own the smallest TGV in the world, including the 1981 world record collector's box offered exclusively to campaign contributors!

To participate and reserve your TGV:

✅by credit card directly on the Ulule project page http://ulule.com/tgv-echelle-z/#rewards/

✅by transfer to be sent directly to AZAR MODELS.

  • choose your rewards on the project page,
  • send us an email with your selected rewards and delivery address. We will confirm you AZAR MODELS bank account reference for transfer,
  • we will confirm receipt and manually add your back to the funding on the Ulule website.

NEW ! by Paypal payment in 1 or 4 via our website azar-models.com:

  • select the reward(s) you want from the drop-down list above and add to your basket (without other AZAR products, only TGV boxes),
  • validate your basket,
  • choose your Paypal payment method, in 1 or 4 (schedule specified by Paypal at the time of payment)
  • we will manually add your amount to the funding on the Ulule website as soon as your payment by Paypal is validated.

As a reminder, TGV boxes are at a preferential price for the Ulule campaign with an exclusive world record box which will never be reproduced again!

This TGV product on our website is intended exclusively for backers who wish to pay with Paypal in 1 or 4 (our other usual payment methods are disabled for TGV reservations).

For payments by credit card, please go directly through the Ulule site payment system. Ulule link: https://ulule.com/tgv-echelle-z

Don't delay, this is your last chance. Join the adventure!

Many thanks, we’re counting on you! 🚀🚀🚀

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1 Reviews

Le plus petit TGV du monde !!
Merci pour cette superbe réalisation française qui je pense verra le jour. En tant que passionné du TGV PSE, je me dois d'acquérir ce superbe modèle qui côtoiera mes PSE à l'échelle N (bien que japonais...). Merci pour votre investissement dans le modélisme ferroviaire à une échelle qui manquait de réalisations françaises comme le N à une certaine époque... Bravo et continuez
By Thierry on 2024-02-15
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