DH05C decoder

DH05C decoder

Digital decoder DH05C 



Digital decoder Doehler & Haass / DH05C.

This decoder is necessary to convert your analog CC72000 or CC6500 locomotive to digital. Can be solded directly on our CC72000 and CC6500 board.

Not suitable for BB67400. For BB67400 locomotive, please see the corresponding upgrade kit.

included one DH05c decoder 

  • Operating mode                   SX1, SX2, DCC, MM, DC analog
  • Dimensions [mm]                                      12.9*6.7*1.4
  • total load capacity                                               0.5A
  • Max motor current                                               0.5A
  • Max driving voltage                                                  30v
  • Front and rear lights (dimmable)   can be adjust with CV52

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