Hopper car - UNICOPA - Z scale - x1
Hopper car - UNICOPA - Z scale - x1
Hopper car - UNICOPA - Z scale - x1
Hopper car - UNICOPA - Z scale - x1

Hopper car - UNICOPA - Z scale - x1

Z scale model of hopper car with trucks in French UNICOPA version.

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Z scale model of the hopper car with trucks in French French UNICOPA version.

This Z scale reproduction is a ready-to-run finished model.

The car is made in high resolution and finely detailed 3D printing (click on the image to zoom).

The model is painted with high quality colors faithful to the original SNCF colors. All markings are printed by UV screen printing offering ultra high resolution and great resistance to rubbing.

The wheels are in burnished nickel finish metal.

The couplers are of Marklin type compatible with European models.

Also available a set of 3 cars.

Due to their wide use for more than 40 years, many decorations are available for this wagon, from the Breton cooperatives to the mills of eastern France, passing through the cereal plains of the center and the north of Europe. This car was also widely used in Belgium, Germany, Italy...

Example of other references available:

  • TRANSCEREALES (ear, brown versions...),
  • SOUFFLET mill,
  • UNICOPA...

About the real one :

This hopper car with trucks is designed for transporting products such as grain. This model of car was built from the 1970s by the Fauvet-Girel company in the north of France. Cars of this type are used for transporting all types of oilseeds, cereals and derivatives in bulk.

This gravity unloading silo car is one of the hopper wagons, consisting of a single tank arranged longitudinally and opening onto several unloading hoppers (3 or 4). The bottom ends of the tank are angled inward to guide the granulated material to the nearest hopper. The tank is often rounded in shape, which gives the cars an intermediate appearance between the cylindrical shape of the tank car and the funnel shape of the hopper car.

Depending on its purpose, a silo wagon may be called a cement wagon or a grain wagon.

Features :

  • Capacity: 94 m3.
  • Tare: approx. 20.6 t.
  • Length: 15.39m
  • Y25 trucks

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